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There has always been an unspoken reality that the mother/daughter relationship is the center of women's empowerment. 

But, what happens when we never truly felt empowered to be OURSELVES?

This class isn’t about ‘being mad at mom,” but learning how the mother/daughter relationship is both complex & responsible for the feelings we have about ourselves today. 

In this class, we will learn:


How The Mother Wound is the root of our people's pleasing patterns​​

Negative internal beliefs


How to finally gain perspective in order to start to heal


is inevitable as we gain understanding through our own healing, even as the harsh truth lands on our laps like a ton of bricks.


So if you’re ready to feel a little bit lighter and a lot more like yourself, join me for The Selfish Contracts Masterclass, Healing HER: The Mother Wound.


  • 2 hour Webinar Hosted by Alyx

  • Customized Rewatch Link

  • Healing HER Workbook

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